Writing is a means to continue my work and an opportunity to extend the inquiry beyond a performance. As an artist, writing about your own work makes you think more critically about your decisions and actions – where they came from and what they mean.  It forces you to contextualize your actions into a greater discussion. For me, writing is a learning process and part of my practice where the selection of words is just as hard if not harder than creating the form.    

As I look back my own body of work – things that were once anomalies are now patterns.  My obsession with: food, the everyday, systems, research, groceries, etc.  They keep coming back – and that’s what it’s like to be passionate about something. With time, you begin to trust that whatever you love (or hate) will keep coming back – to bring you inspiration, teach you lessons and move you forward.


Peformance Research: Volume 23, Issue 6: On Generosity


Dichotomy: Issue 23: Hungry